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The differences in the workplace are common in some larger than others, this is due to difference of ideas, personality, nature of work among other factors. There are different ways of dealing with a dispute or difference, as professionals we must have the ability to deal with these disputes effectively in the shortest time possible. Disputes are presented without discriminating levels or types of work and / or work environment. The following is a dispute is submitted and the resources that were used to solve it.

Organizational disputeIn the past work for a company that is dedicated to the sale, repair and service a wide range of electrical equipment such as generators, transformers, power switches among others. The person I was raised the incident is a mechanic who already had previous mishaps with the administration because this person is a patient of mental health. Following the diagnosis of the employee, began to receive a hostile and repressive against them by management.

The management is in their interest to dismiss the employee began embozar arguments against him without any legal basis beyond the intention of the employee leaving the workplace. The main function of the employee was repairing electronic equipment arriving at the repair shop among other simple tasks of minimal complexity. There are some tables that specify the approximate time it takes for an individual trained in repairing different types of faults that occur in electrical equipment, these tables are based on the complexity of the damage on the computer. The management claimed that the employee took most of the time set by the corresponding tables to fix the equipment and that other employees did the same work in less time.

Could be seen with the naked eye harassment of management on the employee, was assigned the most difficult circumstances...