Organizational Function of Management

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Organizing Function of ManagementSCA is a global multi-billion dollar international paper, packaging, hygiene and forestry company. SCA operates in more than 40 countries on five continents, and employs more than 46,000 people. We compete in several complex markets to provide a "vast array of products and services to very different groups of customers." many other companies the corporate office sets goals for each manager to follow. One monetary goal was for all managers to implement a cost reduction program at the plant level. Corporate gave each plant a chance to come up with ideas of where they could cut costs. The goal was to have at least a 2% reduction in a minimum of three areas. Once the goal was determined the planning began. Initially we got a group I like to call the administrative team together and we had a brain storming session. We all came up with several different ideas of how we could cut costs.

The next step was to get the employees ideas as well as our own. Successful leadership recognizes that if employees feel like management is listening to their ideas they will be more likely to care about their job. After getting all the ideas we could come up with, I started organizing.

Organizing plays an important role in accomplishing a goal. Three of the cost reduction categories deal with material and one with labor. The largest of projects is to eliminate the tape that is used to hold the pad on the steel tool. This project has required several steps and will take months to complete. One of the essential project steps is to rework the steel tools and put a lip of metal around the edges so the foam does not leak. This had to be carefully organized due to the...