Organizational Life of Sony Mobile Communications

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UGB 111: Organization Studies

Table of Content

1.0 Introduction 02

1.1 Organization Study 02

1.2 Importance of Organization Study 02

2.0 Brief description of Sony Mobile Communication 03

3.0 Individual Attitude and Personalities 03

3.1 Theory of Individual Attitude and Personalities 04

3.2 Personalities in Sony Mobile Communication 04

4.0 Group or Teamwork 05

4.1 Theory of Group or Teamwork 05

4.2 Teamwork in Sony Mobile Communication 06

5.0 Leadership 06

5.1 Theory of Leadership 07

5.2 Leadership in Sony Mobile Communication 07

6.0 Organizational Politics 08

6.1 Theory of Organizational Politics 08

6.2 Organizational Politics in Sony Mobile Communication 09

7.0 Culture 09

7.1 Theory of Culture 10

7.2 Culture in Sony Mobile Communication 10

8.0 Organizational Change 11

8.1 Theory of Organizational Change 11

8.2 Organizational Change in Sony Mobile Communication 12

9.0 Conclusion 12

10.0 List of References 13

1.0 Introduction:

Nowadays every organization, business and industry desires to have actual, operative and nonstop progress.

In this present period, global business has become extremely competitive. Organizations and market centres are losing their employees constantly. In order to overcome this crisis, organizations should create a positive and helpful relationship and maintain them among employees.

1.1 Organization Study:

An organization is a place where a group of different types of people work together to accomplish individual and organizational goals. It is a plan or method operated by a collection of characters who work confidently for common goal. The word 'organisation' is cast-off in four unlike senses such as method, organization of relationship, a group of persons and system.

According to Mooney and Railey, "Organization is the form of every human association for the attainment of a common purpose."

Finally knowing and learning about such methods and systems are included in Organization Study. (Prasad Moyre, 2013)

1.2 Importance of Organization...