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What are organizations like in the new workplace?

-Organizations in the new workplace are challenging but also great opportunities for making real and positive contributions to society.

-Organizations are the principal source of careers and one's economic livelihood. (Therefore, it is important to study them and see how they function)

-Some of the skills that are needed to survive and thrive within an organization include: mastery, contracts, entrepreneurship, love of technology, marketing, passion of renewal. (See chart p. 12)

So, What is an Organization?

-An organization is a collection of people working together to achieve a common purpose.

-From society's standpoint, the purpose of any organization is to provide useful good/services that return value to society and satisfy consumers' need and wants in order to justify its continued existence. *****

-If it does not satisfy consumers needs and wants that particular organization is deemed pointless.

Organizations in Economic Terms

-In an economic sense, organizations are systems composed of interrelated parts that function together to achieve a common purpose.

-Organizations are known as open systems. An open system transforms inputs from the external environment (land, labour, capital, technology, and information) into product outputs in the form of finished goods/services for the external environment to enjoy (consumers).

-The external environment is important to the organization because it acts as a supplier of resources and a source of consumers.

-So in any organization the consumer is king because the minute an organization produces something that a consumer does not want, it will be difficult to operate or stay in business over the long run.

-For an organization to perform well resources must be used well and the customers must be happy. This is known as value creation.

-If the organization can add value to the original cost of its resource inputs (finished...