Organizing Resources for Modern Business

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Organizing Resources for Modern Business

Toivo Kaija

University of Phoenix

BSBA9.06-14.BSAH01BI99; MGMT330

Orlando Rivero, M.P.A.

July 11, 2005


Organizing Resources for Modern Business: Introduction

A painter starts with a blank canvas, but has a vision of what to paint. Next they arrange their materials, find a suitable location to concentrate, and perhaps position a subject to sit as a focal point. In the same manner, management develops a vision and strategy, but then must organize resources to bring the vision to fruition. A company will have tangible and intangible assets to allocate and organize. This discussion will focus on a few key resources and factors that affect their utilization.

Factors that affect utilization of resources

Unfortunately, the idyllic pleasure that some may enjoy from painting is not shared with business today. The fast pace of change and increasing competition places immense emphasis on a company's ability to quickly adapt.

To meet the challenging pace of change, companies have reconsidered how they plan and organize their resources. An examination of the external forces that impact the utilization of resources will help us understand how some companies have already made the shift to accommodate today's business environment.

The need for flexibility and innovation

In times past, bureaucratic control was the norm for day-to-day business. Nowadays, organizations must be responsive, quick, agile, and able to adapt quickly (Bateman and Snell, 2004). The sheer rate of change demands such flexibility. Decisions that affect customers buying processes can no longer be debated for long periods of time. For example, the need to deliver what and when customers want things has driven a shift in electronics manufacturing. The company Flextronics Corp. is a case in point. Today many...