About Osacar schindler and the movie schindlers list.

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Schindler's List


A) The nazis saw the Jews lower than lower class people. The Jews were treated worse than animals or slaves, they were considered as a damage for the human race. Nazi people thought that Jews should be put to death or be mistreated. Like Hitler, the Germans hated and disgusted the Jews. For the Germans Jews were animals, they were not considered as humans. The Nazis thought that they should

b) Schindler at first was in the German side, because he was German, but he was a nice guy with good morals. As time passed Schindler started to change to a better guy, he didn't think like Nazis, he was different. When he saw the little girl in red by herself when the Germans were invading the Jews, he started to feel something. After he sees that little girl dead, it is then that he starts to changes and decides to buy peoples life putting them to a factory.

In addition, he felt sorry for the Jews, he thought that there shouldn't be death with no cause. He didn't like innocent people to die.

There fore I agree that his sympathies came into conflict because when he saw Jews and the little girl in red suffer and die, he started to change and try to buy as many Jews life as he could.

2) By my point of view is that his sympathies took over his action. That is because, his view started to change when he saw the little girl in red and the Jews suffering and dying. At first he was like "ok" but later he started buying peoples life putting them to work for his in factory.

3) It was shown when he saw the girl. When the Nazis were invading the Jews...