Oscar, the human clone. This was an short story that I attempted to write for my creative writting class.

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This was an assignment that we got for our creative writting class. We had to write a little short story from a point of view of an unique character. Any comments/compliments would be appericiated to make this a bit better, thank you.


It is close to the dawn and I'm standing at the edge of the roof by a white marble statue of an angel. The angel appears to be on his knees looking down, wings closed together, and face covered with a hood where only the eyes are showing; it stood five stories high. It was as if the angel was ready to watch me jump down the two hundred story skyscraper. I looked up at the sky, the sun was slowly rising, and its light rays were reflected in the city, from one window to the other. There was the silence of the early morning; the big city seemed as if it was put to sleep.

I closed my eyes and felt the cool air coming toward my face and passing; I took a deep breath of the fresh air and leaned forward till I fall.

I had worshipped God and preyed for twenty eight years, but it all stopped last month when I was on my way to doctor. Ever since I was born, I had been going to the same doctor or I should say doctors for every three month. There was one thing that I always didn't get, and that was why my parent's made me go to this hospital which looked more like a research lab than a regular hospital and why I kept going to this place even when I got my own place. I was a perfectly healthy person. So that day I decided to take some time and talk to...