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1. Who was Oskar Schindler "the man"? Oskar Schindler the man was known to some as a good man and to others as a bad man. Schindler was known to be a womanizer and a gambler. Many people (of the world) thought Schindler was a bad man because he apart of the notorious Nazi Party of Germany ruled by Adolf Hitler. Schindler used money and power to obtain money Jews work at his many factories. According to many critics all Oskar Schindler was going for was money, power, and beautiful women, even though he already had a wife.

Oskar Schindler was also known for a good thing. This was his love for Jews. Schindler "purchased" many Jews from concentration camps to save them from going to extermination camps. When he "purchased" them he sent them to work in many of his plants. Here at these plants the Jews were safe from any threats of being killed.

The fortunate Jews were called "Schindler's Jews". To support these Jews, Schindler had to sell many of his belongings. Oskar Schindler was a good a man and a bad man.

2. What was the Holocaust? The Holocaust was the almost complete destruction of the Jews by the Nazis of Germany. Many other groups and people were targeted in the Holocaust. These included Slavs, Roma, homosexuals, Jehovah's Witnesses, Communists, and others. Over eight million people, including six million Jews, died as a result to the Holocaust. During the Holocaust the Nazis conducted many horrible tests on Jews. Some of these tests included cutting off the males' testicles and injecting fluids in the eyes of the people to turn them blue.

The Nazi's setup many concentration camps and extermination camps to annihilate the Jewish population. Over two-thirds of the world's Jewish population was destroyed during the Holocaust. During the Holocaust the Jews were exposed to forced labor, poor living, hunger, and murder. For the Jews, mass executions became a regular routine. The Holocaust bought many of the Nazis wealth. The Nazis obtained this wealth by confiscating riches from the Jews. The Holocaust was a bad mark in history.

3. How did the Holocaust affect/effect the world's interaction with each other as people and nations? The Holocaust brought many affects to the world. The Holocaust made people think that a situation like that a similar situation as the Holocaust could happen to them. People also felt some compassion towards the Jews. The people in many nations started coming together as a result to the fear of an act similar to the Holocaust. The Holocaust made many people realize that some humans are very cruel and that they would do anything to get what they wanted (in this case it was a "pure race".

The Holocaust also brought many effects. Many nations came together (mostly the Allied Powers) to set up a permanent home for the Jews. Many of the people of the Nazi Party were tried and executed for crimes against humanity. Today, Israeli investigators are still trying to find these people. Many people believe that these people are hiding out in South America. The Holocaust also resulted in a setup of Germany not having a government. These were some affects/effects of the Holocaust.

4. List three human rights that you think should be guaranteed.

The three human rights that should be guaranteed are freedom of religion, life, and equality. Freedom of religion should be guaranteed because all people don't have the same beliefs. Many people believe in one Supreme Being (I believe in God), multiple gods, ECT. If you want every one to be happy you have to let them chose what kind of religion they want, whether you think it is right or wrong.

These two rights should never be violated under any circumstance: Life and Equality. Everyone has to be equal. If everyone is equal then every thing is fair. Every gets the same opporitunity and is the same. Life is a given. If you are living, you have the right to a life. No one is allowed to take it away. I think that if someone takes another's life, the same should happen to him or her.

5. List and explain the human rights violated by the Nazis concerning the Jews.

The rights that were violated by the Nazis concerning the Jews were the right to a life, freedom, equality, freedom of religion, and the right to own your own property. Life was violated simply because the Nazis were trying to annihilate the Jews off the face of the world. Freedom was violated because the Nazis took the Jews captive in concentration camps and ghettos. Equality was violated because the Jews were not treated fair in Germany. Many of them were being discriminated against by Nazi Germany by not supporting the Jews and taking jobs from them.

Freedom of religion was a violation that the Nazi had done against the Jews. During the Holocaust, if a Jew was caught acting out rituals performed by Jews, He or she would be shot dead. This really not fair, as according to the constitution of America. The last right that was violated by the Nazis against the Jews was the right in not being able to own property. The Jews were strip of all their property and land and was sent into concentration camps and ghettos. This was the rights that were violated by the Nazis against the Jews.