Osmosis Investigation

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Osmosis Investigation Question What is the concentration of solutes in potato cells? When a dilute solution is separated from concentrated solution by a partially permeable membrane, water diffuses across the membrane from the dilute side to the concentrated side. This process is called Osmosis.

A partially permeable membrane is porous but allows water to pass through it more rapidly than dissolved substances. Since dilute solutions contain more water molecules than concentrated solutions, there is a diffusion gradient, which favours the passage of water from the dilute to the concentrated solution.

The factors that have an affect on osmosis ­ Concentration of the sugar solution ­ Concentration of the potato cell I am investigating the concentration of solutes in potato cells. I am doing this by placing pieces of potato into sugar solutions of different concentrations. I will measure out different pieces of potato with the same diameters and roughly the same length.

I will keep my measurements accurate by using a micrometer. These are used when measuring, because they are very exact. I will make sure that I put the same amount of sugar solution in each beaker to keep the experiment a fair test. I will also keep all of the potato pieces in the sugar solution for exactly the same length of time to make sure it is a fair test. I will use a timer to keep this the same.

The independent variable is the concentration of the sugar solution that I put the potato into. The dependant variable is the size of the potato after having been in the sugar solution. The diameter, the length and the mass should all change. The controlled variables are the amount of sugar solution in each beaker and the time I leave the potato in the solution...