Out of the Ordinary.

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Out of the Ordinary

A week before I moved out of my house, I told my brother that he better give me something of his so that I have it to remind me of him. So when I went away for college, my brother had bought me a puppy beanie baby, probably with the help of my mother or sister. The darling puppy was placed in my brother's little hands headed toward me when I woke up that Saturday morning. He put the animal into my hands and I took a moment to examine it. Well this beanie baby is very small, only about six inches long. The puppy is made in a lying down position, just like a real dog when it is about to sleep, but the head and arms are turned sideways so I could actually see all four legs on the palm on my hands.

As I stood up into a sitting position, I placed the dog on my lap. Looking at the puppy from the top of his head, I could see that his body forms a semi circle. The body of the puppy is also very lazy and flexible, just like Jonathan. Little kids are always so maneuverable and usually not lazy, they are normally hyper. For the exception of my brother, he does not even want to leave the house to go to the market because he does not want to change his clothing. The body parts of the puppy, such as the legs, the arms, and the head, are not stiffly attached to his body, so they are very movable. The fur coat on the dog is shiny and as soft as silk. It is probably even softer than a real dog's fur coat. The piece of fabric used to make...