The Spirit Of The Coin

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The Spirit of the Coin

"You've gone mad, haven't you?" Amy squealed. Rachel looked towards the cheer squad indifferently. Amy looked at Rachel in complete disbelief. Amy held the Chemistry paper that belonged to Rachel swiftly in front of her. Amy has lost her will to tell Rachel to try harder. Amy sat down dismally, and turned her head to Rachel who didn't look back. She shook her head slowly.

Rachel had always been Amy's best friend since preschool. To think back, the way Rachel and Amy got to know each other was very unlikely. In preschool, Rachel was a very cunning little girl while Amy was a quiet and obedient little child. That very Wednesday, Amy still remembers, Rachel came to school looking very sullen and moody. She did not smile nor talked. During lunch hour, Amy spent her free hour reading the bulletin board and looking at drawings from other classes.

She then saw Rachel's drawing and looked at it with deep interest. The drawing showed two small yet very odd-looking red-colored, four-legged animals which strangely resembled a sheep's. The background of her drawing was lilac with a yellowish sun and a dim, old, wrecked cottage with broken twigs and trees in the front yard. As Amy was busy analyzing the weird painting, Rachel came from behind and tore the piece of work apart, looked at Amy with such fury she could kill a cat.

Rachel left Amy speechless and walked away smugly, crumpling the painting in her hands. By the time the recess was over, Mrs. Smith entered the class looking very unhappy.

"Amy Carlsons, will you please follow me?" She said slowly, wincing around. Everyone looked at Amy. Amy was terrified. She stood up and followed Mrs. Smith outside the class.

"You tore the drawing that...