The Overlooked Corner.

Essay by sweetnshortJunior High, 9th grade February 2006

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After a continuous rain the day before, I woke up to a mist of sunshine in the early spring and decided it was an ideal day to write my nature description. Walking out of the car in Henzel Park, with occasional breezes gently brushing my hair, I stepped onto the moistly grass and started observing the park for my "special place." Shielding my eyes from the soft morning sunshine, I noticed specks of pink on a faraway tree in the east corner and slowly wandered toward them. This corner seemed to be overlooked by some people because of its location near the side of the park, but it contained excessive beauties of the nature; I decided to write my composition on this special place. In this overlooked place, Spring appeared to be an endowed tailor; she adorned the bare branches of the tree with tiny, pink blossoms, eminence against the puffy, white clusters of clouds.

Slowly migrating east with the swift of wind, they were like pieces of marshmallows, waiting to embrace the flecks of flowers. Further down, the bush was the mother; it carefully cradled the newly sprouted leaves and embellished them with the early dew, like round pearls, reflecting the flickers of light. It also provided shelters for the lime, petite leaves, which are wildly spread on the twigs, like little children, curiously sticking their heads out, waiting to be fully grown into dark, thick leaves. It also gave the leaves food and resources in order to survive and grow. To the right, Spring molded another tree out of dark, lean limbs, garnished with the fresh leaves, slowly moving in rhythm with the wind. Looking closer, I noticed huddles of pure, white flowers in the midst of the green. Astonished by this heavenly paradise, I almost did not...