Overpopulation in China

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China is the most multioccupied country in Asia and on Globe, and also one of the most developed countries with ancient culture and high - developed economy. The traditional way of life of Chineses is perfectly combined with advanced achievements in the sphere of technology. Also it is necessary to mention, that China is included into a G8 where the richest countries of the world enter.

Nevertheless, that now occurs in China induces many people to reflexion and comparison. After all it is a great number 1billion and 300 million, it is a lot. Thus, one of the most important problems of China for today is overpopulation. In general, the word "population" is designated in the Chinese language by two hieroglyphs: «zhin » (person) and«kou» (mouth), therefore to support such quantity of people (1billion 300 million) is not simple thus, that this country has milliard gross national product. Speaking about an overpopulation of China it is possible to reveal some reasons.

At first, there is not an observance of the adopted law " one family - one child ", in the second - it is a full social security which extends only on those who will give birth, desirably the first child, namely the boy, not full maintenance and informing of people who live in provinces and at last, most parents are afraid of being alone in their old age and that something terrible could happen if they have only one child. I want to emphasize that they are afraid from the psychological point of view. Thus if the overpopulation problem is not resolved it can lead to unemployment, and according to the worst life in food meaning, thus, that Chineses for today is too bad, they eat badly. But I continue to think, that at accurate calculation and following...