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History 1001

Thomas Paine Paper

Critical Analysis of Thomas Paine's Common Sense

Thomas Paine was a man ahead of his time. Before the publication of his Pamphlet, "Common Sense", there was no such talk of rebellion amongst the young American Colonies, before their freedom. He was one of the first to write of spiritual and governmental reasons why rebellion of the King was of choice. His pamphlet lead to a domino effect throughout history in America's and other countries' struggle for revolutionary change. Even now, in modern days, one could feed off the aura of independence through his words as our country is slowing falling back towards complete control. As any true American would know, one of our founding fathers and first president was George Washington. After the revolutionary war, he was offered by the people of America to be their King. That of which was rightfully refused; for that was the very power the whole war had been fighting against; escaping the tyranny of the monarch.

I believe that the words of Thomas Paine played a role in sculpting the minds of our forefathers that built this country, which in turn has been passed down through generations, and shared across nations.

Paine had an interesting way of persuading the audience of his beliefs, one of which is basic and noticeable, upon reading just the title. Brilliant, was he, who named a pamphlet of beliefs to be "Common Sense"; that in itself was his first move into full persuasion. Who could deny the contents of a pamphlet titled "Common Sense", it would be common sense in itself to believe all contents inside were of truth and logic. I do believe that Thomas Paine was an outlet for what the common people were saying...