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Pancakes For Breakfast

One snowy day, in a cottage where an old lady named Ms. Haggs lived, she was awakening from her sleep. There was a dog on the right side of her bed named Brownie stretching. There was also a cat named Puffy that was sleeping with her. So Ms. Haggs got up and went to her dresser. She began to brush her teeth, and thought of pancakes for breakfast. Brownie and Puffy were sitting still next to her.

So Ms. Haggs walk over to the kitchen and began to put her apron on, still thinking about the pancakes. She began to grab a cookbook out of the cabinet. She opened to the page that showed you how to make pancakes. So there she went on reading the instructions. She went on to grab a bowl and got the flour bag and put some in a cup, then poured it in the bowl.

Then she went to look for some eggs, and there was none. Ms. Haggs felt upset because she already was half way done with the pancake mix.

Ms. Haggs and her dog Brownie went over to the where she keeps the chickens at. She grabbed a couple of eggs and the chickens got scared and scattered. Then she went back home and put the eggs in and had to pour some milk in, but there's been not enough. So Puffy went on wit her into the cold barn to get some milk from the cow. As they walk into the house, Ms. Haggs started to pour the milk out of a pail into the milk jar. Puffy was licking his mouth staring at the milk being poured. She finished the pancake mix.

Then she went on to pouring it into an empty keg and began mixing...