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By: Matt Nixon

Taiwan is a small island found off the coast of China. For many years Taiwan has been one of the most prosperous country's in the free world. Taiwan has faced many hurdles and has managed to overcome threats and in the end come out a stronger, more prosupuers, and a freer democracy.

Taiwan is a series of islands in Southeast Asia off the coast of China. The majority of Taiwan is made up of the mainland and 21 islands off the shore of the mainland, the total square miles of those islands is 22266.4 (sq. mi). Taiwan also includes 64Penghu islands that have a total of 207.4 (sq. mi). In all Taiwan consist of 86 islands with a total of 22345.2 (sq. mi).

Taiwan's geography can be broken up into three main groups Mountain ranges, hills and terraces, and alluvial plains. There are five major mountain ranges in Taiwan together they consist of around 31% percent of Taiwan's total land area.

Hills and terraces make up around 38% percent of Taiwan's total land area. Alluvial plains only make up 31% percent of Taiwan yet that is where the majority of the population works and lives.

Taiwan became a country in 1949, when a communist revolution forced the Chinese nationalists to flee to the Island of Taiwan. Taiwan is in a way the black sheep of the international community since it is the only country that is not a member of the United Nations. One of its greatest allies the United States does not in officially recognize it as a legitimate country.

One of Taiwan's gravest challenges is the conflict that it has with China. In 1949 the Chinese nationalist party fled to Taiwan when a communist revolution took over mainland china. The base of the ROC,