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Benito Mussolini is a leader that is remembered through time as an evil mind. He was a very open ally of Nazi Germany and he established an ineffective dictatorial government as he continued to criticize the existing democratic governments. Mussolini believed that he was the sole person that knew what the people of Italy wanted and what was best for them. However, he was soon going to receive a rude awakening to the fact that he did not know everything.

Mussolini established himself as the leader in a dictatorial government. Dictatorships are one party political systems that are ruled by one leader or an elite group of people under the principle of authoritarianism. Some feel that dictatorships are the most effective form of government because decisions are made quickly and extreme nationalism benefits the military and economy. These individuals value order, nationalism, and authority. However, these systems often result in violence, repression of the public, and few provisions for changes to the system.

These dictatorships often occur when a nation is economically and politically unstable. Instability makes a country's people vulnerable to any person that makes promises of better times. This is exactly what occurred in Italy during Mussolini's rise to power.

Democracies are multiparty political systems that rest on the principle of rule by the people. Most people that live in democracies have civil liberties, and political rights. In democracies equality, accountability, and freedom are highly valued. Nations that have multiparty political systems will meet the needs of the public better through the means of political equality, a higher standard of living, and civil liberties. Citizens of a democratic government are able to vote for their own representatives. The government is basically supposed to enforce the decisions of the public.

A weakness in a democratic government is the...