The Paradox

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Barýþ YILDIZ A DEBATE ABOUT ETHIC CODIFICATION AND MORAL EVALUATION With an extraordinary endowment of mental abilities human being differs from the rest of the univers. Moreover with a superior intelligence capacity human being has the un questioned control over the rest. In a material build universe having intangible facades forses human to realize ýtself apart from the whole others.

In intangible world things do not chose the way they behave. According to the different schools in pyhisics their conducts are either determenistic or random but for certain not choosen. And because of that there is no responcibility for the results of the conduct. That is you cannot blame an oksigene atom for taking part in a fire. There is no place for ethical thinking in material existance.

Things are different for human. Equiped with the abilities of deciding and execution of this decisions , human being has an unrejectable responcibility of results.

Trough out the history people seing their increadable power of will and execution, tought that this naked power should be restricted in clearly defined borders. That is the point where ethic consideration starts.

Most of the people have had difficulities in establishing their moral codes to percue and obey. By the basic rules of demand and suply merchants of concientious appeared. Claiming that they have the ready for use reciepts for any occasion. They thout that they had thevright to decide what was true and what was wrong.

Religions and ideologies appeared as projects for a more ethical world order. This projects even advanced further and began to execute their princibles even by means of enforsement. There left no place for individual decision. Rules were clear for everybody. Responcibility of acts were decreased to obediance. That is if you do not violate the orders there was no...