Partnership of a Used Bookstore

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Two partners and I have chosen to start a used book store in a local shopping area with a virtual store on the internet. We each have $10,000 to invest, and find ways for the start-up costs. All aspects of our business will be described as well as how we will be different from our competition and how our product is needed in the location. Legal, social and economic issues are very important when considering a partnership business, and they vary from state-to-state, region-to-region and country-to-country.

Partnership of A Used BookstoreIntroductionI see problems with not having a used bookstore in the area. There are people who have many books collecting dust and are looking to get rid of them. Then there's the problem of people not always wanting to buy a book at full price, and doesn't mind if it's used. Finally, there are those who prefer online shopping and may not live in the area to stop in at the shop.

I have solutions to solve these problems, what it costs to open a business, legality, and social and economic issues as I open a gently used bookstore call "Broken In Books".

There are general business questions that apply to most small businesses that I answered here. (McKeever, Mike. 2007) The location I see ideal is in a constant developing community, with lots of drive-by and walking traffic, preferably a college town, hosting lots of different people, and located within a plaza or strip mall that allows for ample parking. A virtual store is perfect for those who rather shop online. "Broken In Books" is targeting specific groups of people like students who have college textbooks, families who have children books that they've outgrown, and the bookworm or avid reader who usually has gently used novels. "Broken In Books"...