Start Your Own Bookstore And Tell Why It Will Succeed

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Remarkable Used Books Used Books will be a used textbook store that's main focus will be selling used textbooks to local and online college students at and will accept customer trade-ins for used books. We will offer a variety of other services such as book rentals, Wi-Fi service and a customer sitting area serving coffee/cappuccino and pasties at a lower price. We will also have a virtual storefront on the internet at www. Remarkable Used Books

The store location will be physically located in the Georgia Square Mall in Athens, GA. The degree of competition for this business should be perfect because the location is in a small college town with about four other stores offering used textbooks. Our business would differentiate from them by offering the following services.

Our store will be convenient to customers by being open to the public 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We will be the only bookstore in that area to offer a book rental service. We will offer Wi-Fi service free of charge and a sitting area research, reading and surfing the web. We would offer coffee and baked goods at a very low price.

There is a great amount of demand for used textbooks in this location not only from the University of Georgia which contributes to thousands of new college students in Athens each year, but from other local technical schools and community colleges that are also in the area. Remarkable Used Books will offer used textbooks for all colleges and universities in the state of Georgia and we will be successful because we are convenient and offer students the same textbooks at the "guaranteed lowest price." Our book trade-in program will attribute to our success as well, because when a customer trades in their old textbook they will receive a store credit towards their next purchase. This will guarantee that we will receive their business for future transactions.

Remarkable Used Books' legal business structure is being established as a Georgia Partnership and be managed by myself and two other partners. We will abide by all of the laws and regulations that the state requires. This incluCdes applying for the appropriate licenses, certificates and tax documentation. We will acquire an Employer Identification Number (EIN) through the IRS and a Georgia Sales Tax number through the Department of Revenue. We will also file our Articles of Organization with the Georgia Secretary of State and publish our intent to form a business with the Athens Banner Herald.

Our total estimated startup costs will be around $45,000.Each partner is going to invest $10,000 (totaling $30,000) and we will obtain a Small Business loan through The Small Business Administration for the remaining $15,000.We will obtain our starting inventory through a discount distributor by the name Baker & Taylor. This online book distribution company has a program where you can purchase bulk orders (at least ten items) at a 40% discount with free shipping as long as you agree to make them your first call distributor.