A Pathetic Soul

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"Lust" was a story about a girl who did not know what she wanted. She did not feel secure about whom she was so she would keep having sex with guys who did not really care about her. She had friends who would say, "You always have a boyfriend." She looked back at her friends as to say as if. She would say this only because these guys didn't mean anything to her, and she would have sex with them to feel good about her self.

She did not know what she wanted. This is evident with all the guys she went through. She had a guy who did not want her for sex, but just to get to know her. So she went out with him for a little while and then changed to another guy to see if she liked him. She would always have a new boyfriend by the end of the month.

The reason I say she does not feel secure is that she can't have a real relationship and the reason for this is that she always has to have sex with them. If she didn't she would think that they were homosexual. She would always go out with one guy but two was never enough. She should have gone out with more than one cause she changed so much.

This girl thinks that the only reason to have a boyfriend is so they can have sex with each other. She is an unsympathetic person who is morally bankrupt. She always has sex with guys to feel better about herself. So it appears that she always does the immoral thing and one day that will catch up with her. She does all these things to show everybody that she can be cool. She is only using this to gain advantage on her friends so she can look better than they do. The outcome seems to point the finger at her as being a slut.