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On June 18th, 1942 in Liverpool, England Marry McCartney gave birth to Jim McCartney's son, Paul McCartney. When Paul was old enough to go to school he went to Dovedale Primary School (where he met George Harrison) then Liverpool institute in his hometown Liverpool. Before The Beatles he was in a band The Quarry Boys. Before they became the Beatles they changed their name many times. In the Beatles he played left handed bass guitar. His influences were little Richard, skiffle music, and Elvis Presley. Paul along with John Lennon wrote most of The Beatles songs such as "from me to you", "please, please me", and "I wanna hold your hand". In 1969 McCartney married Linda Eastman. He had 3 children with her named Marry, Stella, and James. He also adopted Heather, Linda's daughter from her first marriage. In 1997 Linda died of cancer. He is currently married to Heather Mills.

They got married on June 11th 2002 in Ireland. In 1971 The Beatles broke up. After the break up of The Beatles he released his first solo album, Ram. He also forms Wings with Linda and releases the Wildlife album and has a hit with the single Another Day. In between the time period 1972 and 1980 Wings released the albums Band On The Run (which wins two Grammy awards) , Red Rose Speedway, Venus And Mars , Wings At The Speed Of Sound , Maybe I'm Amazed , London Town Mull Of Kintyre, London Town, Back To The Egg, Goodnight Tonight, Getting Closer , Wonderful Christmastime. And in 1975 Wings tour Australia and the UK and in 1976 they tour Europe. Wings first American tour resulted in a triple album.

Then in his solo career Paul writes the theme song for the James Bond film...