The Pepsi Generation A Marketing Environmental Factors Paper

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The Pepsi GenerationIf a company does something that is morally and ethically questionable, does it have to say it? It would be nice, but in reality if saying it will damage the company more by bringing it to the forefront, it would be financially responsible not to say anything. Public companies carry a burden to the populace, but the organizations also carry a bigger accountability to shareholders. High-level global environmental factors, technology and social responsibility are some of the key factors in marketing.

Some marketing decisions are forced into place by political and legal obstacles. These obstacles can include pressure groups, such as the Arab boycott of Israel, government agencies, like the Delhi based Center for Science and Environment, or Third World First. Some people think that PepsiCo was supporting the Arab boycott of Israel, PepsiCo has not ever come out and said this directly. What is has said is that Israel is too small to support a franchise, and because of this PepsiCo has a small market share.

It does not matter which is the truth, what matters is it looks like PepsiCo was buckling to political pressure from the Arab nations. The pressure in Israel was not as great as the pressure exacted on PepsiCo from the Indian government agencies. It looks as though there is a pesticide issue that cropped up around August 2003. The Delhi based Center for Science and Environment was issuing statements accusing PepsiCo and Coca Cola of have over 30 times the amount of pesticides in their beverages that was healthy for the people in the environment. Can pesticide be healthy in any amount? The political jockeying went back and forth for almost three and a half years before the PepsiCo president exited. Both cola companies are still in India and still...