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The aroma, the feeling, the taste of the it in my mouth just takes my breath away. Something that can soothe all the stress and troubles away that are in the world in just one sip is the Caramel Frappucino at Starbucks. The Caramel blended ice coffee with whip cream swirled with the sweet caramel is just a perfectionists dream. Although some people may disagree that a caramel Frappucino is not the best drink, I believe it is as best as they come because it is just "perfect," starting from the tip of the straw all the way till the bottom of the cup, this drink being even more perfect when extra whip cream is involved. The caramel Frappucino, being able to drink it on hot summer days or anytime someone may want, especially if that person wants some memorable memories as I had.

The caramel Frappucino being so perfect, I fall in love.

It having a distinctive taste of the caramel with every sip takes my worries away on a stressful day or just wanting to have a drink with friends on a summer afternoon, it is just amazing. Even though there are also the coffee, mocha, and chocolate brownie flavors, which are all delicious, they still don't compare to the exact taste as a caramel frappucino. The taste being of the Starbucks coffee just ice-blended with the Starbucks own caramel mixed into the coffee. Especially, when I ask for extra whip cream it tastes even better. When it is a hot summer day where I can't bear the heat and just need relief from the hot weather, I usually call up my friends to meet me up at Starbucks. Then we would all order a caramel Frappucino and sit inside conversing with one another trying to forget about the heat. Most definitely I forget about the heat when I'm drinking a venti caramel Frap. Some may say, " How can you forget about the heat just because of a drink?" But the caramel Frappucino can make me forget about the heat no matter how hot the weather may be, quenching my thirst to the fullest. The cold, ice-blended drink soothes my throat of any thirstiness in less than a second. Just even looking at the drink makes my thirst go away.

The extra whip-cream swirled with caramel makes the drink even better. Some may worry how whip-cream is one of the most fattening foods on the planet. Especially the caramel on top of the whip cream. But, when I drink it, I don't care about how fattening or, cholesterol non-free it may be, because it doesn't matter, since it is so delicious. The whip-cream, fluffy and so tasty, and the caramel that just melts in my mouth. One day during the winter break my friends and I went to the Starbucks in Diamond Bar and we all ordered a caramel Frappucino and while we were drinking it, a group of guys came up to us and asked us if we would mind if they sang to us. We told them that we didn't mind, of course, and then they started singing to us. While they were singing I looked around to see if anyone else was drinking a caramel Frap., and we were the only ones drinking it. The Caramel Frappucino gave me some good memories that I will never forget. This making me love the drink even more than a normal person should.

Though not all people on this earth may agree that the caramel Frappucino is the most perfect drink there can be. There are plenty of drinks out there that are good and people may think that those one's are the best, I don't think their opinions are wrong. But by all the drinks I've tasted so far in life, a tall caramel Frappucino in a grande cup with extra whip-cream is the best.