Performance-Enhancing Drugs in Sports

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I'm sure at a point in everyone's life they have someone they looked up at, and grew up watching. Whether that person is a talented actor, sports figure, or maybe even a politician. That person is seen as a role-model. Most parents want whatever's best for their children, and that includes a good positive role-model that their child wants to grow up to be or idolize. I never thought the parents should have any role in helping their child pick a role model. As I was always told "You can be, or be like, whoever u want to be". This doesn't seem so true anymore. When we turn on the television anymore, you never know what to expect. Now even when you watch Sports Center, which is a popular sports television show, you may expect to see and hear information about sports athletes doing their jobs as professionals. No, that's not the case anymore.

You turn on Sports Center and hear information about these role-model athletes doing steroids and getting in trouble with the law. You should certainly not want this as parents. Talk about drugs and steroids are not something your child should hear in the same sentence regarding their popular professional role-models. Performance-enhancing drugs not only diminish a player's respectability from others, it is also very unhealthy for the individuals' life after their sports, from this, and I don't think these drugs should be aloud in sports.

When I was growing up, I was just like any other kid. I loved to play sports. I probably had a role-model and/or idol for every professional sport. When I looked at this person, I almost related them as a god, marveling at these individuals athletic talents. I had to have everything this professional athlete had. This devotion went from wearing...