Personal Essay - English

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Personal essay - English

As I look over my life, there are three areas that have influenced me the most.

My formative years with my mother gave me a positive view of my world. Teachers

during my high school and college years challanged me to think not only about

my personal concerns but also about giving back to the community at large. Last of

all, serving a mission for my church changed my view of the hispanic culture and

my second language, Spanish.

I remember fondly my formative years with my mother. She introduced me to

my first language, English. She presented all the words which explained the world

around me. Her lessons about relationships in the family, at school , and in the

community remain with me still.

It is said that a teacher touches a life forever. My sixth grade teacher did in fact touch mine. She gave me an aptitude test for languages in general.

Spanish was to be my subject of interest. This interest has lasted a whole life long. Other teachers encouraged me to go college and yes, I graduated with a degree in Spanish from BYU.

Leaders at my church recognized my interest not only in Spanish but also in

teaching. Consquently, an application and calling was extended to me by the

First Presidency. I served in the West Spanish American Mission which was

located in East Los Angeles. Most everything I needed to learn about serving others,

I learned on my mission. I learned it in Spanish for two years.

Finally, my life was and is influnced by my mother, my teachers, and my church.

However, at the end of the day it has been most influenced by the Spanish language

and the culture which I have grown to...