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Values and ethics are the basis of what individuals live by that influence the guiding principles that make them who they are. "Ethics can be defined as a set of moral principles or values (Nelson, K. & Trevino, L., 2004)." Every individual has their own set of guiding principles that allow them to make decisions. Their background, culture and their moral aptitude influence the guiding set of principles that each person possesses. Ground rules are the starting point for an individual's personal values and are influenced by ethics and morals.

Ground RulesGround rules are the starting point for personal values. From the time we are born, our parents have instilled in our minds the different from right and wrong ranging from an insignificant punishment to being grounded. As a child, learning the difference from right and wrong is a simple process because we do not have any bad habits or any unethical standards of living.

Our parents, background, culture and the people we surround ourselves with are all factors that play into the ethical standards in which we live by. As we near adulthood, we learn new guiding principles from employers, government, friends and even our parents. One major ground rule about being ethical is surrounding yourself with good people, people who have high ethical standards and people who have a positive influence in your life to ensure that you will live a life with high ethical standards. "Ethics is the bedrock on which all of our relationships are built; it's about how we relate to our employers, our employees, our co-workers, our customers, our communities, our suppliers, and one another (Nelson, K. & Trevino, L., 2004)." Ethical ground rules will lead an individual into strong personal values that will allow them to lead an honest fulfilling life.

Personal ValuesMy...