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Creative Task

The novel focuses on the idea of changing perspectives. Changing perspective is where somebody gains a new insight into a person or they see things from a different viewpoint. Your task is to write a story where the characters gain a new perspective on a person or event. Your story needs to show the initial impressions, the changers that happen and why the changers occur. Include the dialogue.

Minimum 200words.


July 18th 1940 - A bunker outside London

I'm nearly 18, my father is a soldier in Europe, very soon I also will go there to help him out; kill those nazi pigdogs. My mother died 10 years ago when giving birth to my little brother, my little brother was blown to bits in a nazi bombing raid recently.

On my birthday, I had a talk to all my mates who were 18.

"I'm of to the war."

I announced. The replies were;

"Your nuts."

"Dig ya grave now fool, save someone else the effort"

I went into a rave, "COWARDS!" I yelled so I marched off alone to enlist.

After 6 months of training I was sent off to Germany to help. We were all one big family in the army, and were a great team. We were that good we never stopped advancing. I have blasted at least 4 nazi's and was proud of it, my BAR and I were one amazingly good hunting couple. When I killed, I made sure they were dead,

'The only good nazi is a dead nazi, the 2nd best type of nazi is one close to death in pain'

After a few weeks of advancing we were forced back; we went head first into a mine field with nazi MG-42's hidden in the bushes. We were blown...