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Dear Parents,

Perhaps, to you, joining the Army or other U.S. branches is an idea which has never been thought or just even crossed your mind, and it could not be thought on your own son. Is it true, parents? I hope it is not because I want to bring this idea up to you. I can tell I do not have much chance to get your supporting because you have worried how dangerous and difficult the military life is. I know what your feelings, and let me anticipate your thinking. I ensure that you will first think I am going to be in danger somehow. Second, military life will be tough, hard, and discipline for me, and you think I cannot overcome that. Third, you worried I could be sent to the war and die. I totally agreed to what you have thought, and I think most parent does too, but thinking is just thinking.

Your thoughts are too pessimistic, aren't they? How come you do not look at the bright side and think something good happen to your son. Do you know how beneficial it is when I join in the Army? I can get up $50,000 to pay off my student loans and

tuition assistance, get citizenship early, pocket about $600 dollars every month, be more safety, and especially can follow grandfather's step.

Well, parents, have you ever thought I will get pay for just going to civilian school? This is going to be possible when I join in the Army. According to the, I can get up to $50,000 to pay off my student loans more easily with Army's College Loan Repayment Program if I enlist in the Army for six years. For six years contract, I can also get Tuition...