Persuasive Speech- Positive Aspects of Alcohol

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Alcohol has become an integral part of popular culture because of its widespread use and popularity. Foster's Group realises the importance of this combination and have invested a large amount of time and money into preserving public and cultural principles. By sponsoring a variety of charitable organizations and community activities and ensuring our advertizing and marketing abides to the relevant standards and all customers are fully informed about our products we hope to encourage individuals to hold values, attitudes and beliefs that favour positive health and wellbeing. There is also strong evidence that drinking alcohol in moderation can have a number of health benefits in people from middle age onwards.

Foster's supports a large range activities and organizations that promote physical and mental health and artistic, sporting and educational endeavors. Last year alone Fosters spent approximately two million dollars sponsoring programs and associations such as Youth off the Streets, Functional Fitness 4 Kids, Anglicare and the Nature Conservation Council, as well as numerous others around Australia.

My company also endorses popular sporting teams and events, and has been the longest standing sponsor of the Brisbane Lions AFL Club as well as the most recognised brand associated with the Formula One Grand Prix. Through these initiatives Foster's helps promote positive attitudes and actions towards life, health and culture.

There is a possibility that alcohol can have potential negative impacts on individuals, their families and the broader community. This is why Foster's products are clearly labeled with their alcoholic content and ingredients and are in no way designed to attract underage drinkers or have any association with violence or illegal behavior. Our advertising never encourages or depicts excessive or irresponsible drinking, claims a beverage has medical or therapeutic advantages or associates success in social or work environment with drinking alcohol. Foster's also...