Health and Money

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Health is more important than money. A rich and healthy man would probably argue with a rich and sick man with this statement. A rich and healthy man would most likely say that money is more important because he doesn't face the problems that a sick man is facing, he doesn't know from experience how horrible it is to be seriously sick. In a life of a person the most important thing is health, and everything else will come from it.

If you take a poor and healthy man, and a rich and sick man, you can derive where their lives will most likely lead to. If you have health you can always change your position and earn money. You feel good and your goal is to change your financial situation. A sick man who has health can earn a little bit of money at first and then use that money to earn some more money.

It's known that money come from money. Little by little this man is going to be wealthy. He will have health and money and will enjoy life. He could spend his money buying clothes, going to the parks, taking vacations, investing his money into something else, and so on. He will be able to enjoy his life because nothing is hurting him, he looks good, feels good, and is happy.

If you take an affluent and sick man you can also derive what his life will be like. A man who is sick cannot be happy because he knows that he is sick, which leads to depression and sadness. He doesn't feel well or look good. He will not be able to enjoy life, be happy, and eventually he will become poor. All of this man's money will go to spending them on health...