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Problems Faced By Me at RIT The first few months at college is always rough for every freshman and it is more pronounced if one comes from a foreign country. I am an international student here at RIT coming from the republic of India. Coming from a totally diverse culture there does arise a compatibility problem, but one has to adjust quickly to it or he would find himself in a sea of troubles. The few problems that one can encounter are often related to health, finance, budgeting and academics. These are the result of negligence on the student's part and improper work habits. The problem which I faced at RIT in my first few months was mostly concerned with health.

As I come from the India my religion bounds me to certain dietary laws which prohibit me from consuming beef. These laws prohibit me from having anything which has beef content, and I cannot even have non-vegetarian food which is cooked in the same utensils with food having beef content.

As a result I am left with very little choice. I have to keep my diet limited to juice, fruits and bread. To have the same food for three months gets monotonous after a certain point of time. After the few initial days I had become very negligent about my health. Due to late night studying I got up late. This resulted in me not having my breakfast which is said to be the most important meal of the day. Due to class timings I could not have anything until late in afternoon and this use to result in a big gap between dinner and my next meal. I was not particular about my dinner too. If I ate something in the evening I often skipped my dinner. All these habits resulted in a total health disorder. I lost weight and strength. These disorders had not struck me until I went to New York City to my cousin's place where they explained the problem to me.

After coming back to RIT I decided to take a step towards this. I went and spoke to the food Director of our college and got a full debit as my meal plan. The college did well to understand our problem and have provided for processed food packets in the college stores.

Moreover the fact that they now have some Indian food served in the Cafeterias and some stored on the shelves at the Corner Store and Sol's has been a great help. Getting the full debit helped me immensely as I could go and purchase the food packets. I also required a plan which was flexible and full debit provides full flexibility. I can now eat when and where I want. This helps me as I don't skip any meals now. I also can buy grocery with my debit points now, which helps me to keep my refrigerator stocked up! I am grateful to the college authorities for understanding my problem and providing me with the flexibility which I required. I must mention that talking to the International office , the food department and also the Student Ombudsman in the SAU helped me a lot. It has improved my lifestyle tremendously. I now have breakfast everyday, which makes me feel fresh. This has also helped my academics as I am more fit than what I was. I am happy to have overcome my problem, which has made my life more interesting and enthusiastic.