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Introduction: Physiotherapy Kinesiology is essentially the study of human movement. The question ¡¥How a man moves¡¦ is an important question for a physiotherapist. Therefore, as a physiotherapist, it is not enough to just register that a movement has occurred, but as Galley and Forster (1982) suggest, ¡¥rather how the movement was produced, if it was normal, and if not, what was the cause of the abnormality and what must be done to correct or improve it¡¦. It is only with this analysis that a physiotherapist can plan an appropriate program to help restore normal function, prevent deterioration and to use to advantage what remaining movement the patient has, so that all possible independence is gained. ¡¥A physiotherapist is actively involved in the evaluation, treatment, and prevention of sports injuries.¡¦ (Taylor and Taylor 1988, P12).

The importance of a physiotherapist is none more important than in a sports context. As sport, with all its inherent risks, leads to injury at one time or another for nearly all participants.

Physicians, physiotherapists and athletics trainers are responsible for the health and safety of sports participants. ¡¥These individuals are essential in the prevention, recognition, assessment, management and rehabilitation of sports injuries.¡¦ (Anderson and Hall 1995, P5). Furthermore as Anderson and Hall also suggest that, ¡¥these individuals serve as a valuable resource to educate and counsel sports participants to prevent chronic degenerative injuries and diseases through lifelong activity-related fitness and health education.¡¦ The study of human movement in all it¡¦s forms may be conducted from many points of view, all of which, at some time, are of concern to a physiotherapist. However, there are five main theoretical approaches of immediate concern to the Sports Physiotherapist. These are, as Galley and Forster suggest: 1. Anatomical- Describes the structure of the body and its parts and their...