Pigs say "No"

Essay by never1991 March 2007

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I read an article about the misconception that people have for pigs. We tend to think that pigs are such lazy animals that only eat and sleep in their place. Before I read this article, I also thought like that as well. But this was a total "stereotype" that people made solely looking at their livelihood. As a matter of fact, pigs are actually diligent. The reason why people think pigs are lazy is because of where they stay. Pigs live in such a small place that they can really only eat and sleep there. If pigs are free, they would probably run like a horse(exaggeration). There were many other factors that I was not aware of in the article.

Anyway, after reading this article, I was not only informed but had a chance to think about all the misunderstanding and stereotypes I had. Have you thought about it?

Hm...for instance, you might think the people who work as a receptionist will have such an easy time. But it is not really. Have you thought about their backache because of their sedentary work? You might think swans are so relaxed and calm, but as you may all know, = under the water their feet are working so hard. Like this, it is likely to cause misconceptions and stereotypes solely looking at the surface.

I also thought about the misunderstandings in relationships. When I fight with my friends, most of the times, the reason was because misunderstandings. Thought when we fight, I don't think that I am thinking wrong or anything. I just think about my heartbreak, and the feel bad for myself--selfish little girl aren't I?

Thinking once more, or thinking a little deeper could make a big difference in your life. You would...