Ping Yao - Information on Economic Patterns, Geographic Influences, Art and Architecture, Religion and Values, and Social and Political Organization of this Ancient Chinese City

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Ping Yao

Economic Patterns:

Xi'an served as an important pivot and center in ancient foreign economy and culture exchange. The Silk Road began in Chang'an. This road connected the eastern with the western part of the world.

Social & Political Organization:

Political center of Ancient China.

Throughout history, Xi'ang served as the capita of various dynasties. The Zhou, Han, Tang, and the Qin dynasties all used Chang'an as their capital. The dynasty was head by the emperor who reigned supreme.

Religion & Values:

Cultural and later religious center of Ancient China. Became a center for Buddhist learning. From here, pilgrims set off on hazardous journeys overland to India in search of the Buddhist Law. By Tang times, however, China had superseded India as the centre of the Buddhist world and welcomed pilgrims of its own, coming to study and receive instruction in its libraries and lecture halls. The city skyline was dotted with scores of pagodas.

The burial chambers beneath contained not only the coffins of the deceased, but also goods and replicas of goods, sometimes miniaturised, that they might be likely to require in their next life. These were known as mingqi. The tomb of the First Emperor, to judge from contemporary rumour, was furnished in a manner befitting the great megalomaniac. So far it has not been opened by archaeologists so this cannot be confirmed, but some of the pits surrounding it have acquired world-wide fame for the wonderful life-sized armies of pottery foot-soldiers and cavalry that were buried there to protect their leader(terracotta warriors and horses).

Geographic Influences:

Weihe Plain extends between Baoji in the west and Tongguan in the east and borders the Qinling Mountains in the south and the Huangtu Plateau in the north. The city is well protected by mountain and river. Lying in...