The Place I have grown to love

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The breathtaking and spectacular view of serenity in the middle of Lake Bennet was simply astounding! There was absolute stillness all over. We had carefully manoeuvred our canoe in the canopy of trees that were partially submerged and we were now just beneath the majestic eagle's nest that looked as though it had just fallen off a cloud. It seemed so surreal. Feelings of quietude washed over me like a painter's brush. I felt calm and collected and could actually hear my own heartbeat. It was so tranquil that even a tiny ripple would have sounded loud had I moved just a little. As I stared at the spacious lush greenery and the aqua marine crystal clear waters which seemed endless, I marvelled at the beauty of God's creation. The overwhelming feeling of stillness deeply contrasted with the hustle and bustle of Singapore. This ethereal feeling that I always craved for was now waiting to be captured and captivated.

The fresh oxygenated air which made my soul feel so free was in great disparity to the stifling, highly carbonated air of Singapore, (the concrete jungle). The sheer magnificence exuded by the wondrous nature led me into a reverie. Echoes of laughter from a canoe nearby jolted me as I began to reminisce all the joyous and mirthful times in my uncle's house.

Coming from Singapore, we stayed in my uncle's house to get used to our new and unfamiliar surroundings of a new environment and country. It made me realise how much family togetherness I had been missing and lacking since I had been born into a small nuclear family and had never experienced the joys of an extended family. Even then time seemed to have come to a standstill in the stillness of the night. Throughout...