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Dear Professor X:

Thanks for the opportunity to work with the high school on making suggestions to revise the English curriculum, at Yokota High School, to prepare students for writing. Below are some suggestions I have to further improve our program.


Statement of Problem

Currently I am a student at the University of Maryland and I serve in the Air force, so I have been able to experience the importance and practicality of writing. During the period I was in high school, I found it hard to find practical use of the majority of the information that was taught in English class. I believe it is very hard to spark an interest in students to write about subjects that they would not be using in the real world. Below, I have identified various ideas, which will help guide, the students to success.

-To create a more scholarly atmosphere, high schools students should be offered outside help from the classroom.

This would include guest speakers and student teachers from abroad.

-Have students study modern up to date material, compared to the more traditional older studies.

-Build a computer lab in the library where students would have access to do school work.


This proposal examines the needs of students to learn more about proper writing styles in the real world. By providing outside sources and teachings from students tutors and guest speakers, this will teach the students the necessity of writing. This would help students understand the true value of learning proper literature and preparing them for higher levels of writing. Even if a student doesn't plan on pursuing an education further than high school, that student would be equipped with the proper knowledge of technical writing.

Proposed Plan

Based on my personal experience as a college student, I...