Play featuring characters from The Picture of Dorian Gray, Their Eyes Were Watching God, and Frankenstein.

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Setting:The setting of this dialogue takes place in Macbeth's castle on a damp, stormy evening. Lord Henry Wotton, Victor Frankenstein, and Jody Starks have all mysteriously become lost in the wilderness and have run into each other. They have been walking miles and miles, and to make matters worse, it has begun to pour rain. Right when they were losing all hope, they ran into a huge medieval castle-Macbeth's castle. Macbeth's castle is the only building nearby, and although it seems like a bad idea because the castle looks horribly frightening and there are screams heard in the distance, Henry, Victor, and Jody agree to knock on the castle door and see if they find a hospitable place that they can stay for the night.

In this dialogue, the trait of Macbeth's deception is emphasized. Similarly to how Macbeth gave King Duncan a warm and hospitable welcoming into his castle and then tricked him in the night by murdering him for the purpose of taking power and control, the same occurs when Lord Henry, Jody, and Victor knock at the door.

This ties in to the theme of the dialogue, the desire for power. Macbeth is the only character left by the end of the dialogue because he sees murder as the only way to prove that he is right.

As a major character in The Picture of Dorian Gray, Lord Henry Wotton has always used his vocal power to be Big Brother, especially towards Dorian Gray. He has commonly made attempts in the novel to act like an intelligent and intellectually sharp human being by saying wise words or attempted aphorisms. Although what Lord Henry says usually is assumed by Dorian, and even the readers (If the saying is not re-read a couple of times), to be...