How to play golf

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Golf Information

Correct Posture

Maintaining the right posture is the first step in swinging a golfclub powerfully, accurately and successfully. The key to maintaining good golf posture is to approach the ball with a straight back and then slightly bend your knees. bending your knees too much will cause your stroke not to have enough power behind it).

Proper Elbow Release

Proper elbow release is a very important part of successfully swinging a club. When starting your swing, be sure that your elbows are bent a little. As you continue to your back swing and follow through, allow your elbows to ease and release at the same speed at which your knees are moving (this will ensure you get the most amount of power in your swing).


The only thing going to the hole is the ball - not your feet. Your feet, hips and shoulders must aim parallel (and left) of the target. This will allow you to swing the club around your body and at the target without your body getting in the way.

Proper Grip