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Donald Bradman was without a doubt the greatest cricket batsman of all time. He was widely known especially in Australia as a sporting hero. Donald Bradman began his cricket training at a very early age and in a very unusual manner and this is where he got his sharp eye and remarkable reflexes.

His international career spanned for nearly 21 years with his batting averages being unmatched still to this day and although an Australian, his achievements are recognised world-wide. He was a remarkable sportsman and will always be remembered for his contributions and extraordinary achievements in cricket.

Personal Background:

Donald George Bradman was born on the 27th of August 1908 in Cootamundra, a small town in N.S.W. He was born at 89 Adam Street in a birth house by the midwife Ellen Schultz. He was the youngest of 5 children of George and Emily Bradman. He had one brother, Victor, and three sisters, Islet, Lilian and Elizabeth May.

In 1910 he and his family moved to a neighbouring town, Bowral. Donald Bradman's father was a carpenter and his mother worked around the house and looked after the children. Sadly Donald's mother died in 1944 and his father died in 1961.

Donald attended the Bowral Public School, and later became known as the boy from Bowral even though he was born in Cootamundra. Donald's father was a keen cricketer and so Donald was exposed to cricket at a young age. He took a big interest in the game and started teaching himself how to play. When Donald started school there were no organised sports and none of his school friends lived near him, so after school there was a lot of spare time to pass. For a game Donald used a cricket stump to hit a golf ball against...