Poems; on marriage broken hearts and freinds.

Essay by Pacojaleb December 2003

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Are you merely trying to spare my feelings?

Was what we shared not wonderful and fun?

Do you really want to sever this connection?

Is this meeting of souls, over and done?

Can this be a cold shoulder I am feeling?

Will you be honest and tell me for real?

Am I sensing something that is not true?

If so, what is going on, tell me the deal?

From where comes these moods that you show?

Why did you lead me to think I was a friend?

Can you no longer be happy with me anymore?

Do you truly want our friendship to now end?

Why did you cross over that line with me?

Was it for the excitement of someone new?

Are you searching for a thrill elsewhere?

What was the reason of letting me know you?

Why so suddenly are you now avoiding me?

Do you actually think this prevents pain?

Will you truthfully answer every question?

Is there anything left to try and regain?


For many years we have stayed in touch,

And now in my crisis you are my crutch,

There were many days that I couldn't cope,

But you were always there, giving me hope,

Only you would talk to me the way you do,

You cared enough to really help me through,

I am sure at times, you believed I was nuts,

When I confided in you, it really took guts,

It makes me happy that you have stuck by me,

I know, this is how real friends should be


Today is the beginning of your married life,

Starting now you will be husband and wife,

Always be loving, very supportive and kind,

Put aside the pasts that you have left behind,

Tomorrow start the day saying, "I...