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Love The One You Get

Lovers in a maggot's dream scream strings nobody wants to hear

Cowboy blues bully up as killing squads

Mailman watches what the names get

Killing fields are locked and loaded

Children riding rocking horses places show

We get old and lowered

The kickbacks

Senseless linger of a bone box

Aging of a human beat box

A skull that lost its head

Squealing souls count wooden crosses up the road

They're heading gone's gone

Follow Me Out West

Sunset riders never see us watching getting old

We're judging others in relation to their best

But what about the focus greatness rides on a stable ball

What about the angles we walk

What if we cut early and saved something

What would it do to here or there or who knows when

Would it be the same or just a little different

I feel so in the balance

I saw you once and suddenly you're everywhere else

The sky sped up and twirled behind a current

We're the ones slowed down

Genesis From Beginning To End

Genesis met the doorknob behind as usual

I was sitting worn from pacing thinking of a line

She came up close so gently speaking to my ear

The words could hardly register what her voice said

She was saying she was sorry and couldn't help her ways

I disclosed that she was lucky to have sonnets for a smile

I guessed it was her mother's fault for carrying her so long

That line brought out her dimples and delivered another verse

We stood up together walking inside out

We were facing God looking at our lives

We saw Adam in his garden harvesting some fruit

She asked if we were sinners and I didn't budge

I placed my hands upon her...