Poetry part 3

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Mirror Mirror On My Eyes

This place is the hanging curve I crave

How can I be born again when I didn't die

Gravity works in math but I don't know

All you know is you

I'm striving not seeing me

I stopped climbing when I dreamt how far we fell

How many people are you

I'm just around a beacon

What Are You Afraid Of

A remedy's assistance is just another fix

The heartache cure isn't in the mocha sipping

Or jumping on the whim of an elevator cable break

Billy kept on reading till he lost himself in numbers

Halfway from Halloween to Christmas

Santa wasn't horned to scare Cindy he's a drive sleigher

Everything we're told about is never like it sounds

The monster never gets us like a guilty love compounds

The days are only measured in the type of song we sing

When fear is little more than something on the wing

A Frozen Scene In A Panhandle Moon

I met her in the whitest sands of a springtime moon

She smiled and we shook heads

I said all I see is fine tonight

I said the wisest walkers gather every morning to give the truth away

The wisest never said a word about a wave

I explained I wasn't late but early

She said ok

I said the way her cotton dress swayed played soft parade

She was thinking floating fuzzy hats

I was thinking postage stamps and rock and roll

I told her how to reach a change

Told about the Pisces fish in the widow's wishing well

She said she always thought that

I didn't know what she thought

But someone thinking something dear forever left me where I'd been

I was lost anywhere else

In the Florida springtime something

Shedding My...