In under 10,000 words, write a snappy book with miniture chapters describing a story a person.

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The silence was unbearable, everyone was walking in time. Some were sobbing quietly, the rest just staring aimlessly into space.

Shyanne Blake stared at the smooth pine wood coffin that her mother, Lizzy lay in. Her heart suddenly felt heavy wit sad emotional pain. She couldn't cry because during the last week she had cried so much it was unbelievable. For the sad truth was that Lizzy had been murdered. Shyanne's body filled with hatred and rage at the person who had dared to kill her mother, which lasted only a moment, then went back to heartache.

"Excuse me, are you Shyanne Blake?" Came a gentle voice from behind her. Shyanne nodded at the strange women. "I'm Joan Morrison, Your mothers solicitor. I am very sorry for your loss." Said the women sympathetically. " But could you please follow me for the reading of the will." Shyanne stared at the women for a moment, then nodded, grabbed her coat and followed the women up to the top tower of the church house.

The women led her down a corridor then to a large oak door. Inside the room there were five people. Only three of them she knew, Mick, her mothers latest boyfriend, Anne her next-door neighbor and Jane one of her mothers friends.

"Now let us begin, shyanne Moonstone Blake, you will receive all your mothers treasures, including an eighteen carat gold charm bracelet, a platinum locket and an emerald and ruby ring, also anything you wish to take from the house when you move out." Said Joan.

"Move out?" said Shyanne speaking for the first time in days.

"Yes we couldn't let you live in a house on your own now could we?" Joan said sounding slightly amused, she then saw Shyannes face and continued sternly, "As you...