Would you rather live in the city or the countryside?

Essay by lightsapphire February 2007

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If it's a debate, normally I'll choose to say "I rather live in the city', although I actually like living in the countryside. Don't ask me why because even me myself don't not the answer.

There are a lot of reasons I like living in the countryside but mainly, its because they have a much more relaxing lifestyle. There as no rush and no people shouting at you to do things faster. There won't be such a lifestyle in the city. You can't even stop yourselves from worrying what if you got robbed or kidnapped due to the social problems and high crime rate.

Besides that, there are fresher and cleaner air in the countryside. This is a main problem in the city. there ain't much fresh or rather, clean air. this is because there are a lot of pollution in the city. Besides that, there ain't just air pollution, there are also water pollution and sound pollution in the city.

Other than these, there is still an advantage living in the countryside- you can live longer. It's because of the peaceful, tranquility in the countryside. Compared with that, the death percentage in the city is higher due to the pollution and unhealthy lifestyle.

Overall, these are the reasons why I like to live in the countryside. There may be some disadvantages living in the countryside but who cares when you can have a relaxing lifestyle; live longer and breathe in fresh air? What will you choose? Living in the city or countryside?