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The title of a poem can be very influential on the way we read it. Any skillful poet will create a title that provokes thought and develops meaning to the poems content. This year in English we have studied many poems by Robert Frost but there were two particular poems that caught my eye as soon as I read their titles. These were "Out, Out -" and "The Fear". Upon reading the title "Out, Out -" I automatically questioned the title and wondered why it was named, after all the title didn't initially make much sense however through further study I have found the title to be very significant. The title "The Fear" automatically brings on a sense of insecurity.

"......Out, Out, brief candle!

Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player

That struts and frets his hour upon the stage

And then is heard no more"

This is a quote from the famous writer William Shakespear, in his renowned play, Macbeth. It is a quote that Macbeth says, on learning of the death of Lady Macbeth, his wife. This quote means that her life was to brief and that all our lives are. Sometimes we only have a short hour to prove our self, and show that we are important and we wait all our lives for the moment and when it finally comes we mess it up "Struts and Frets his hour upon the stage". Then after this we are heard of no more we have ruined our one and only chance to prove ourselves.

The title, "Out. Out -" sets the scene for some sort of awful tragedy. Reading the title we prepare ourselves for a sad poem that will include some terrible tragedy, and someone failing to achieve their potential. "Out, Out -"...