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Running Into MetalThere, at the sidewalk of a strip mall, there was a pole. This pole was there for no reason that I know. I like running through it to get to all the shops in time.

My name is ________, and I was with two other friends named _____ and ______, _______and _______ were some of the best of friends. We were going around that strip mall like wild fire, they were beating me at going to the next store we wanted to go to, we done that over and over again. Usually we buy three Things each.

I was running briskly to the next store, I said " Ha, I'll totally beat you! "" No you won't " _____ replied. After that I started running to beat him. I was running briskly to the next door, I was in first place! I was running, feeling that quick, fast pace of adrenaline pumping through every vein my body.

I felt on top of the world and exclaimed "Woohoo! ", I thought to myself that I was gonna be stopped by going into a store breathing heavily, with my hands lying on knees for support of my upper body. This time, I didn't. I will now tell you what happened instead. As we were running at a quick speed, dodging poles, which means I was in the pole section, sometimes swinging myself to heighten my speed. A blue-collared man came out of the door of the store next to me calling for his buddy. He had a weird look on his face and exclaimed " Hey! ", I looked over to him thinking he was talking to me but I didn't stop running and didn't see a pole coming up.

" Yah? ", I replied. * SLAM!...