Policies to Remedy Discrimination

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Policies to Remedy Discrimination

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Policies to Remedy Discrimination

The first remedy I will discuss will be affirmative action programs. These have gone through many changes. Until the mid 1960's there were laws that prevented blacks and other minorities from getting jobs and even getting into educational institutions. It was not until John F Kennedy that the term affirmative action was even heard. The first law was known as the civil rights act of 1964. This laid the ground work for what we know as affirmative action today. The definition of affirmative action today is "a policy or a program that seeks to redress past discrimination through active measures to ensure equal opportunity, as in education and employment" (affirmative action, n.d.). I feel that this is absolutely an appropriate remedy for the discrimination in hiring of women and minorities.

The next remedy I will discuss is the reverse discrimination law. This is a term used to help the members of the majority class. To me this is to help level the playing field for everyone not just minorities. Jobs will be given to the person who is best qualified according to their skill and ability not because the company has to reach their quota of minorities. I think this should be used over and above the affirmative action and this will be an appropriate remedy for the discrimination in hiring of women and minorities.

And the last remedy I will discuss will be comparable worth. This is a remedy to insure that women get equal pay to the level of men. This is a theory that a job that is mainly filled by women should...