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BUSINESS PLAN GIO zone, under United Assciations,Inc.

Business Description: GIOzone. (the "Company") will provide a location for students, businessmen, and the general public services for fast internet access, office services, and desktop publishing in a professional and convenient environment. The company is structured as a general partnership among four principals, David Lee, Daniel Hwang, Il Hwan Park, and Jin Chang. The company will be funded equally by the three partners.

Industry and Market Description: The internet has changed the world and our daily lives with the advanced technology tools. People use the internet for communicating, trading, shopping, research, and many more. And using the internet daily, we want the fast access and speed to download and upload information. The convenience of having an establishment near to access the internet has been crucial to many people. Time is money and everyone wants to save time. Also, the capabilities to use all the updated software and hardware is expensive because technology advances rapidly.

The users are everyday people, especially near the Fillmore Center area. Many students and businessmen reside in the apartments, and there are a lot of foot traffic in the immediate area. After researching and surveying the residence, they want faster internet access, a place to make photo-copies in color, and desktop publishing. Many of the students in the apartment buildings have claimed that they have no place to study or work after 8:00 pm, since the libraries usually close at this time. We would provide that service and location.

Company History: The Company was formed in January, 2001 by four individuals with significant experience and contacts in the various relevant industries. Since that time, the Company has (1) done extensive research and preparation, (2) spoke to consumers in the Fillmore Center, (3) researched competitors, (4) educated...