Population Growth in Mexico City

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Over the last century, the population of Mexico City has been increasing rapidly. The population has almost double in size every ten years in the last few decades. There are about ten thousand people per square kilometre and there are over three million registered vehicles in Mexico City.

During the war years, there was an economic boom in Mexico City, and the population went up, following those years, the population still rocketed upwards. Around two thousand people immigrant into Mexico City everyday and many of them are homeless.

1. Reasons for this growth.

There are numerous reasons for this growth in Mexico City which include push factors, why people are moving away from the rural areas, and pull factors, why people are attracted to Mexico City.

Pull factors from the rural areas include:

- Very little work in the rural areas

- Few schools therefore minimizing the education for the youth

- Few roads therefore resulting in more difficult to have transportations

- Eighty percent of the people in rural area do not have running water

- Land is not being fertiled properly and being overused, the land that would have been fertile if used properly is now wasted

Pull factors from Mexico City include

- Things that people in the rural areas are hoping to get including

o Employment

o Schools

o Health care

o All kinds of entertainment including dances, cinemas, theatres and other major social events

Many poor citizens in the rural areas know that the conditions in Mexico City will not be the perfect place, but they know that it would be better off than where they came from or at least willing to take the chance that the city will be better.

They were desperately needing shelter, cleaner water and better health care. Many...